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Frequently Asked Questions

We place the order directly with a local installer. You will then be provided with a service agreement detailing exactly what we have recommended and what you will receive. Generally, installation occurs within a month.

That’s fine. You are not obligated at all to go with our advice. So you can either request us to gain a better price for what you want. Or simply go with a Solar company based on their advice.

Yes lot’s are. In fact, you may be surprised which American and Canadian brands are made in China. That’s not to say they are not good quality. Don’t forget, iPhones are of the highest quality and made in China. However, if you prefer, we can advise you which brands aren’t made in China at all.

No, not all homes should install solar as they may not good return on investment. For example if you have too much shading on your roof, or your power bills are high enough; it may not be advisable. Ask us and we can advise.

Two ways. 1) So self consumption + 2) feed-in tariff = solar savings.

Yes we know, feed in tariffs are reducing all the time. Self consumption is where it’s these days.

However your self consumption is not shown on your electricity bill. There is no line item explaining to a consumer what their system saved them.

The only way to do this is compare previous bills for the same time of the year.

The only limitations are your budget, and what your roof can properly fit.

For most homes, the minimum you should consider buying is 6.6 kW of panels (approx. 17-18 panels in total) with a 5 kW inverter.

If you use a lot of electricity or you’re likely to add an electric car and/or battery to your home at a later date, you should consider going as large as you can afford.

We have never heard someone complaining that they put too many solar panels on their roof. But people do regret installing too few panels – because it’s expensive and complicated to add panels to an existing system at a later date.

Yes. This is organised via finance. Generally spread over 60 months.


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