Solar Power is here to stay and it will save you thousands

Right now you can literally get paid to install Solar Power.

Solar Power is the only investment where the government pays you to install solar so you can save you money off your energy bills forever.

How it works



First we assess your energy usage and how much you wish to reduce your power bills.



Our expert team will then provide unbiased recommendations in your best interest.



If you are happy to proceed, we then book in a suitable installation date.

Be Safe and Happy with unbiased advice

Our team has the knowledge to help you avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong solar system.

our consultants

All our consultants live and breath solar energy. In fact, we all have solar on our roofs.


Our teams are constantly researching the latest solar technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Government Solar Grants are based the total Kilo Watts you install on your roof. The more Kilo Watts, the more Government Solar Grants. Literally thousands of dollars that do not have to be paid back ever. However, you may not need that big of a system. It all depends on your current and future planned power usage. We can help work out the best size for you.

You will then be provided with a service agreement detailing exactly what we have recommended and what you will receive. Generally, installation occurs within a month.

That’s fine. You are not obligated at all to go with our advice.

Most are in made in Asia, in particular China, yes. In fact, American and Canadian brands are even made in Asia. Even REC are not made in Norway anymore. That’s not to say Asian made are not good quality. Don’t forget, iPhones are of the highest quality and made in China. 

Others may claim to made locally, however they are still made in Asia/ China and just assembled locally. Anyway, most of your home appliances are made in China.

All technology from any brand can fail. There is no brand in the world that guarantee their product will never fail specifications. Not one! And the truth is, most solar brands are within such a small margin of difference in performance, you really can’t go wrong. So don’t believe anyone that tells you one brand is better than the other. It’s more likely they get some kind of financial incentive to push that brand. However, corners can be cut with poor quality cheap installations.

Trust us and our advice, we’ll tell the truth.

No, not all homes nor businesses should install solar as they may not good return on investment. For example if your power bills are not high enough; it may not be advisable.

Trust us and our advice, we’ll tell the truth.

It is possible for a solar system to save you up to 80% of your power bills. With a battery up to 100% off your power bills.

There are two ways you can save. 1) By reducing your actual power bills with the use of your solar system. And, 2) the feed-in tariff that your electricity company gives. Shop around for this as it can be as low as 5 cents up to 10, even 20 cents per kilowatt.

CSIRO, Australia’s own government national science agency, shows that most homes will only use up to 25kw of power in one day. And a 6.6kw system will produce around 25-27kw of power per day which is generally all you need. In other words, a bigger system will not help you save more. In fact, any access is given to your electricity company for a financial exchange in their favour.

Trust us and our advice, we’ll tell the truth.

Here’s a really easy way to spot a bad solar company. And that is if they tell you they do 100% of all their own installs. It’s a flat out lie. Maybe you’ve noticed or heard there is a shortage of tradies. You can’t just click your fingers to add more electricians to do installs.

So don’t believe the lies as EVERY solar company at some point will need to engage sub contractors to assist them.

Since 2001. We’re here to stay.


let Us Help You Slash Your Energy Bills Forever!

Have peace of mind when you order through us, you’re getting the best solar system at the best price.


From initial enquiry, to quote, installation and after-sales service - GoSolar has lived up to its 5-star reputation. Everything was truly seamless, no question too silly or no enquiry left unanswered. If I had my time again, I wouldn’t have wasted my time with anyone else and just gone straight to these guys.

Cathy & Bill Hanna

From our first contact with GoSolarPower to the installation of our 13kw system, we found them to be extremely professional. Following the site inspection, they regularly updated us via emails and texts regarding installation dates. Our solar system was installed by four competent employees, and at the completion of the installation, they explained how everything worked, including the app, which shows how much power our system is generating. I can highly recommend GoSolarPower.

John & Fiona McKenzie

Fantastic process from quotation through to installation. Steve helped with any questions and also helped setup the interactive inverter app. And they delivered a high standard installation with quality products. I'm very happy with the end result and the results of my reduced electricity bills.

Rasheed Mohammad

Had a 16KW system installed. The team did a fantastic job! Professional and courteous! Even the little details, switching out broken tiles for me, tidying up cable runs, just absolute pleasure to have them working on the home. They cleaned up the work area, leave no garbage, took away the 10 year old antenna, they looked after me!

If you're reading this and considering GoSolarPower, call'em!

I've done my homework and got a few quotes and I'm thrilled to have GoSolarPower install my system. Get one of their staff to come and discuss options. No regrets here, I reckon I've got a cracker of a deal!

Thank you GoSolarPower, I will be referring work to you from family and friends.

Ted Eltringham

The whole process was great. Steve was so helpful and patient, explaining the difference between the systems and answering my many questions. Trent and the entire installation team were very professional, lovely manners, and left the place spotless. They made a big job into a great experience, thank you GoSolarPower.

Michelle Gisborne

Thank you Steve and the team for the great work installing our solar system. The team was always going extra effort to help us along way.

Sana Paracha

Well what can I say about GoSolarPower

I'm a tradesman myself and words cannot describe the professionalism that we received from GoSolarPower.
From the first visit by their salesman (Paul) who was very knowledgeable and informative on the complete installation and product. The way he explained the process and installation ,that's the way the process was carried out, word for word. No surprises or issues.

The installation was unbelievably professional and admirably conducted. The installation crew 10/10 special mention must go to the installing crew. I would employ these boys any day. The crew made sure everything was neat clean and functioning properly.

Please whoever is thinking of putting solar panel on their roof, get in touch with GoSolarPower you won't be disappointed .

I would recommend GoSolarPower to everyone!

Aaron Robertson

The whole experience was seamless, professional and exciting. Steve helped me with all the questions I had around Solar and what was right for me. It was clear I was in good hands.

The day of install arrived (much quicker than anticipated) and the installation team were on site on time. The team were polite and professional and it was very reassuring seeing all the safety precautions the team were taking. They completed the job methodically and it was all done in a very reasonable time considering the number of arrays for my installation.

After they had completed the install they ran through everything and made sure I was comfortable before leaving.

I cannot reccomend GoSolarPower enough, the clear communication and ongoing support from the first consultation to even now, has cemented my choice in Solar installations.

Im looking forward to adding enphase batteries in the future and will be coming back for sure.

Paul & Veronika Markovic

We had a solar system installed by Go solar power. We are very pleased with the quality of hardware and the quality of the workmanship of the install, and also the level of after-sale support offered. The whole experience was a pleasant process, and my wallet is seeing a huge benefit. win-win-win 😉

Ty Gault

Smooth transaction, no hassle and no dramas, amazing and friendly people to deal with and ai believe they maintain a very good process probably that is why they are doing an amazing job from start to finish and customer service support.

From the start, Paul provided us with a lot of options for our solar system and also recommended the best one for us which I am really happy about it. It was just the system I really wanted.

He explained the difference between each panels and inverters and was really patient with all our questions. Answers email and text messages in a very timely manner. During installation, we were explained what are the things they will be doing before executing anything. They guys were really friendly and very knowledgeable with their craft. After installation, they showed me how to shutdown the mainswitch properly. Also placed all the labels in the main board for electricians. I didn't have any dramas during installation and everything just went smoothly. Also the after service is amazing informing us of what steps will be done after the installation. Would highly recommend GSP for a job well done on my house! No dramas No hassle no headache!

Bob & Tahlia McMahon

The advice and service I received from Go solar power Centre was absolutely fantastic. What they promised they delivered and with their great payment option I now have basically no electricity bill. Very professional and no mess installation and all was done in 4 hours. I can highly recommend them enough.

Matt Humphreys

Couldn't fault the process from start to finish. Efficient and helpful every step of the way. Solar panels performing better than expected already, and its the middle of winter! Couldn't rate highly enough.

Laura Parker

The team were fantastic - from first contact with Steve through to install with the install team. Highly recommend Go-Solar-Power. Easy process, neat workmanship and extremely happy with the followup afterwards.

Trevor & Gale Wilkinson

Easy to deal with and strait forward approach, the guys at GoSolar from start to finish have been great, The install could not look any cleaner.
Super happy with the service and package they provided.

Jim & Alice McBeath

Easily the best contractor we have dealt with. Sales/Install/Support were simple and smooth. Coming from a builder - I just said sales/install/support smooth and contractor in the one sentence. 5 Stars!

David Hamilton

Great service from start to finish from the whole team at GoSolar Power. Of all the providers I spoke to and considered before installing solar, these guys were the most honest, practical and professional. The sales guys didn't try and upsell me on anything I didn't need, install team were courteous and efficient, and even the finance/admin team were very polite and responsive. Can't fault their operation, all the best to them!

Susan Bryson

Cannot speak highly enough of the Go Solar people. From the sales person who gave us the quote to the office girls to the installation crew everyone was honest, polite and most helpful. We were told the installation would not happen until mid February and it was all up and running two weeks earlier than expected. They were better than their word and kept us constantly up to date. Considering the adverse weather we were having we were surprised it was installed within a month of the quote being made. The crew installing the system were very professional and helpful. They explained clearly the whole system to us so we had nothing to worry about and understood how it all worked to our best advantage. We purchased the Enphase System as it is more safer and more productive than other systems. This was fully explained by Steve. His information was further backed up after further inquiries were made to other solar panel installers. Could not recommend Go Solar high enough. Ten out of ten. Thank you for a job well done.

Rod & Judy Raymond

The team at GoSolarPower from start to finish were professional, informative, honest and prompt. From a sales perspective dealing with Dylan was excellent, really knew what he was talking about and was always responsive. The pre installation inspections were a great idea and meant that on the day the job was done efficiently and no nasty surprises.

Basically I got exactly what I paid for, Good product, great services. Highly recommend GoSolarPower.

Tracey & Adam Dickinson

Great experience with GoSolar Power from the Qoutation process through to the installation day. Everything went smoothly and we did not encounter an issues. I would recommend them them to anyone who wishes to have a hassle free service. The installation team did a fantastic job and we are really happy with the result.

Luke Tran

Had a solar system installed recently by Go Solar and could not be happier. The entire process from sale, to installation and beyond has been very easy. The team is extremely professional and the quality of the installation is outstanding. If you want the confidence that you will be getting a quality system, a quality installation and helpful staff, then look no further than Go Solar. They are second to none.

Donna & P Pratt

I had a solar system installed recently by Go Solar Power. I was so impressed with their customer service, product knowledge and initial installation. They only use quality products and have very competitive prices. A special thanks to Jake who went above and beyond my expectations to ensure I received exactly what I was after and made sure that I understood what I was paying for prior to me committing to the purchase. A very trustworthy and professional person who puts in a lot of effort. The installation was also VERY clean, prompt, and professional. Thanks again Jake and the rest of the install team. I would highly recommend Go Solar Power to everyone. Thanks again.

Jon & Barbara Taylor

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