"Quality Solar Power Systems"

Return On Investment (ROI)

An investment in a Solar Electricity System will generally take around 5 years to recoup or to pay for itself.  This time period will vary greatly depending upon a number of factors such as:

  • Net or Gross Tariff - A gross tariff will provide a higher and faster return than a net tariff
  • Annual electricity rate increase - At present electricity has been increasing at around 10-15% per annum retail.  It is anticipated that electricity will continue to increase at a similar rate in the foreseeable future
  • Energy retailer-  The amount you are being charged for your electricity and the top up rate that is being offered
  • If you are on a Net Tariff, the amount or percentage of electricity you feed into the power grid will also effect your return
  • Local conditions - Things like shading, panel aspect to the sun, cloud coverage among others


When looking to finance your Solar Electricity System, there are many options and finance organisations who will be able to assist you.  A $10,000 4-year interest-free Green Loan is a very cost effective option and also using the existing equity in you own home will allow you to obtain finance at a very competitive rate.