"Quality Solar Power Systems"


We offer and recommend a range of inverters of different makes and models based upon your requirements.

The majority of our systems are configured with SMA inverters.  SMA is German-based company and is currently the world's largest manufacturer of inverters by a significant margin.  SMA inverters generally suit most situations and range in capacity from 1.1kw systems to 11kw systems and above.  Inverters are also available with a range of monitoring equipment to assist you to monitor the performance of your solar electricity system.


SMA inverters

SMA is the world's largest producer of solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications and is the only vendor that has a product range with the matching inverter type for any module type and any power class.

SMA offer 20 years experience in the development and manufacture of power inverters for solar and wind energy. They are the most trusted brand of power inverter found on many grid connect solar-powered homes throughout Australia.


SMA Inverter features

  • High power efficiency
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking for optimal array output
  • IP65 Rated for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Surge voltage protection with thermally monitored varistors
  • SMA Grid Guard active anti-islanding grid protection
  • User friendly LCD display showing complete system information
  • Standard 5-year warranty and optional 10-year warranty


Facts sheet on SMA inverters    Facts Sheet