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Solar Feed In Tariffs

Feed in Tariffs are offered by state governments and utility providers within each state and provide an additional incentive to generate green energy.  Each state government (and territory) offers a premium rate for the generation of green energy.  The premium rate is typically 3 to 4 times higher than the standard retail rate for your renewable energy.

What are "Net Feed in Tariffs" and "Gross Feed in Tariffs"?

All states, with the exception of NSW and ACT, offer a Net Feed in Tariff where the electricity generated by your solar electricity system, surplus to your needs, is eligible for the tariff, ie Electricity that is fed back into the grid because you could not use it, gets the net feed in tariff rate.

NSW and ACT offer a Gross Feed in Tariff where all the green energy generated by your solar electricity system is eligible for the gross feed in tariff rate.

Feed in Tariff by state:

State Method Rate System

Qld         Net                  $0.08 per Kwh + retailer top up                  Up to 5kW systems

NSW      Closed 5/11.    No Statewide scheme replaces it

SA         Net                  $0.16 per Kwh + retailer top up                  Up to 10kW systems

ACT       Closed             Now 1:1 Buyback

Vic         Closing.           $0.25 per Kwh                                            Up to 5kW systems

WA        Suspended 8/11

Please note - This information is a guide only.  We recommend contacting the Government and preferred utility providers for the latest information.