"Quality Solar Power Systems"

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Discover How You Can Virtually Demolish Your Electricity Bills

By Installing A Quality Solar Power System!


Empower Yourself. Generate Your Own Electricity. Break the cycle of rising electricity costs.

The cost of energy is set to rise dramatically over the next few years with many anticipating our electricity bills will double or even triple if dependent upon conventional power sources. People using electricity from conventional power sources will find it increasingly difficult to meet their electricity costs.

While this scenario is alarming, it is not without a simple solution. Renewable energy such as electricity produced from solar panels on your home's roof can reduce or completely eliminate your electricity bill cost. Many people enjoy receiving a cheque from their electricity supplier, instead of a bill, for the excess Solar Electricity they produce with their solar panels.

Grid connected solar power energy (photovoltaics) gives residential house owners and businesses the opportunity to take advantage now of the generous incentives the government is offering and reduce power bills, greenhouse gas emissions and become energy efficient.

The Government's green energy initiatives are currently subsidising thousands of $ off the purchase of a Solar Energy System as well as paying you over two times the normal rate for the green electricity you produce with your solar electric panels. For the first time Solar electricity systems are providing commercial returns that makes them a wise investment.

Where should you get your new solar electricity system?

Go Solar Power will give you the service, quality and experience you will need and also practical help and advice on ways you can save energy as well.

We are committed to delivering the best value for money solar solution on the market. ie Highest quality, best service at the lowest possible price.

We are based on the Northern end of the Gold Coast servicing customers from Brisbane to Northern NSW.

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